The Hallowed Picture

The Hallowed Picture

Have you ever been in a time and place that you knew was just a holy place? This was one of those places for me—my Mama Hick’s home. Especially during the fall and at Halloween, when the colors of the leaves were so vibrant, the smells were so wonderful, and the family places were so warm and comfortable! Fall and Halloween have always been such a special time with my family. A special time that God provided to cuddle around bond fires, to help each other dress up in fun costumes, and to decorate with some of the most amazing colors that are seen all year! Don’t miss out on God’s opportunity for you to paint a hallowed picture this week with your loved ones. Carve a pumpkin, roast a marshmallow, dress up in silly costumes, and most importantly do it with those you love!

The Hallowed Picture

She steps off the bus

And the leaves on the gravel appear as jewels in the stones.

As she makes her way to the back porch,

The cooler air has moved into the trees.


She is welcomed with arms that hold her warmly in the nippy atmosphere.

Cookies and warm chocolate wait for her at the end of the big table.

The glow of the lights provide lights that warm.

She pulls the brightly orange colored paper and crayons out of the leather satchel.


As she gazes out the kitchen window at the colorful display,

She also sees the silhouette of a woman with strong lines and soft hands stirring the simmering pots.

Her attention is drawn to the blank sheet of color.

The poem is transferred onto the vivid orange.


Her mind fills with fun, anticipation, and excitement!

She adds the fence and then the pumpkins appear on the fence—

All wearing different smiles and fiery eyes!

The moon appears in the sky

And the cat’s perch symbolizes the strength of the night.


As she sits back,

Smells the cookies and warms from the hot chocolate,

She knows this is not just all hallows night—

This is a hallowed life!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I am so happy that you could read with me this fall and Halloween week! I hope you and those you love have a safe and fun week to celebrate another one of God’s amazing experiences in this life. Also pass a little bit of that “spiritual glow” into the lives of others!










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