CocooningYou feel in your soul-that satisfied feeling! It is as if we are given permission to go into resting. God signals us to slow the pace, stop and listen, and to feel the comfort. Don’t let the week speed by without “cocooning” this week—it’s not just for butterflies! It’s provided for a reason.


You glance out into the beauty.

The trees have thinned.

The breeze has changed direction.

The clouds hang close to the Earth.


You just know it is cool and brisk.

You know the air has changed.

But you don’t care!

Cocooning can begin!


Pillows are re-fluffed.

Soft comfies are gathered over the sheets and blankets.

Breaths are deep and soothing.

The first frost crystals cover the grass.


Arms have reached to the ceiling,

Feeling a nice stretch.

Legs have stretched past the end of the bed.

Then all slowly, but steadily

The body re-circles like music notes on the paper.


The covers tuck under the chin.

The head buries slowly and softly into the pillows.

The dreams, hopes, and joys gather under the closed eyes.

God’s voice gives peace and comfort.


Let the cocooning begin!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I hope you make time this week to monitor the pace at which you are moving. Let God and His marvelous earth give you a reason to rest. Thank you so much for reading this week. I am so grateful for you sharing your time with me.







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