Celebration in the Middle

Celebration in the MiddleThis week is one of the most amazing! A time to celebrate being thankful! Make this Thanksgiving a special story of your time by celebrating with those you love. Cherish every second and every moment you can share. And remember every day of the year is really Thanksgiving-because we are allowed to love others and ourselves!

Celebration in the Middle

Old stories of love told over tea.

Young faces of the heart

Smile across the plane.

Older faces of the body

Grin with pride.


The youngest ones

Insecure with their plans,

Yet feeling so safe with these spirits.

The old ones gathering

For the celebration with the young ones.


Hugs and friends with good food

Represent not just having a meal together,

But love for each heart seated and each heart serving.

The spirit of the room warms the soul.

The conversations open the heart.


With the busy life

They each work through complications to get there.

And when there they never want the evening to end,

Because they cherish each second, each laugh,

Each story, each thought, and each touch.


The older ones never dreamed they would be there,

And the younger ones wondered why they were going.

Both upon arriving

Knew exactly why they were to be in this place at this time.

It was not fate but destiny.


The food is rich like the conversation.

The dessert is shared as a family would share cherished stories.

Celebration is rich, shared, and decadent.

The drinks are sipped

Hoping to spread the time for an eternity.


The evening goes on forever in the souls’ of the family.

Although they will never return to that time,

They will not need to-

Because this celebration becomes the stories of their time.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I am very thankful for you! I know you care about others and what you mean to them, because you care about reading writings of inspiration, love, and hope. I wish all of God’s blessings upon you and those you love. Happy Thanksgiving this week and everyday!










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