The Lantern

The LanternAs I watch our lantern, one of the last yellow maple trees, lose its leaves this week, I have to reflect on the brightness of its body and the eternal joy it provides me as this season comes to a close. The visual in my mind is etched there to bring peace all year. The tree reminds me so much of the joy I have experienced through the eternal flame of God from others in our lives. I have been given the opportunity the last few weeks to begin cleaning out my Mom and Dad’s home since the death of my Mother. I am so reminded how my Mother’s eternal flame is like the tree. I will always have the warm eternal love of my Mother with me, just like I will always have God’s everlasting love through the visual of the golden lantern. Remember the special lantern in your life today and give thanks you have been given this eternal flame!

The Lantern

The glow stands out as the dark gives way to the sun.

The flickering is very quick, but fluid.


As the flame dims—

The deep grey of the lantern’s body appears.

Year after year and season after season,

The lantern remains.


God nourishes and keeps the lantern glowing deep inside.

The light of the lantern provides my soul with faith.


I know God is everlasting

Because I know the lantern will continue to glow another season.

I know I will grow another season.

We will all continue to search for the lantern of eternal life.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I so appreciate you choosing to read with me today. I wish for you to find the most bright and loving eternal lantern in life! Search for the beautiful flame you have this week and etch those pictures in your mind to enjoy God’s blessings forever!







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