Looking Beyond

Looking Beyond

It is very difficult to love everyone. We say we want to, but when reality sets in there are those we cannot bring ourselves to love. Even though this is a human thing which is why we are not like God, our purpose should be to strive for this type of love. Past the barriers, past the differences, past the difficulties, and past the hurts, you should not deny anyone your spiritual love. As we have honored Dr. King within the last week, I pray that we are not just still trying to have the dream, but that Dr. King we are living God’s dream—Love your neighbor as yourself. And that is where the real issue comes in—most people do not love themselves. If you have not looked beyond, start today, and start by loving yourself—then others will follow. God set an example, Dr. King posted the challenge, so let’s strive to make that example and challenge a reality in our own lives.

Looking Beyond

 God denies no one His love.

Only people deny other people love.

An old soul once told me this.

She was so very right.

People make others beg for affection.

They make others ask over and over for attention.

They feel stronger when others have to ask for a thank you.

And deny those that do not see the world

Or eternity the same as they do.


What makes these people think they can hold back love?

When they hold back love,

They can never be loved.

They can never have joy,

Because they cannot give.


Nor can they receive.

They cannot see beyond.

They cannot reach beyond.

God has no limits like these.

God sets no boundaries like these.


Why can we not find peace and comfort?

Because we cannot go past the boundaries.

We are not capable of looking beyond what we see.

Those of us that do look beyond what we see receive stigmas,

Because our gifts are frightening to others.


God looks beyond.

He looks beyond all our faults to see the goodness we all possess.

But we just have such trouble.

Looking beyond what we want to see.


I don’t want to see that worry.

I want to see the resolution.

I don’t want to see that problem.

I want to see a solution.


I don’t want to see that angry soul.

I want to see their hurt so I can help.

I don’t want to see the pain.

I want to see the joy.

I don’t want to see the abuse.

I want to see the love.

I don’t want to see the lies.

I want to see the truth.


I don’t want to see the fear.

I want to see the hope.

I don’t want to see the crying.

I want to see the laughter.


God help me to keep trying to look beyond.

So I can really see.

So I can see the light that denies no one the love, especially me.

 Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Look through, look out there, and look within this week. There is so much more for each of us if we will only practice loving! Thank you so much for reading with me this week. I hope love fills your heart and soul this week.




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