Sky Show

Sky Show

Who said winter is dull and lacks stimulating colors?! All I need do to is to look outside my window on these winter days and see the whole sky come alive! As these incredible creatures flit, flutter, and glide through the sky, I am witness to the most vibrant colors and moves that can ever be seen. What I find the most amazing is the demonstration of trust shown by these creatures. They do not worry. They know they will be fed—especially by me! They know how unique they are and will gladly show those specific characteristics—woodpeckers for instance! They know they are part of a community with each having a specific purpose. Take a peak out your window during this seemingly dull time—relax, enjoy the show, and ponder on your purpose!


Sky Show

They trust so freely.

Never doubt.

They are not afraid to show who they are.

They are an art show outside the window.

Touches of red, gold, yellow, black, and white.

All shape.

All sizes.

All with full trust in God and his provision.

They praise Him with song and dance.

They sit and share the meal.

The mix of colors against the blue sky brighten the cold, bitter day.

They know no difference.

They know and trust that they are provided for by their maker.

Each unique.

Each with a message.

Pure creations of the Majesty from above.

The sky show goes on!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman


May your week be filled with surprises of color and song! Your purpose is specific also. Be unique, but be strong! Thank you so much for reading with me this week. I am honored to be sharing your time.






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