The First Snow Fall

The First Snow FallIt is very amazing that each particle can be so unique and different, yet come together for such an incredible scene. If only we could accept how we as individuals are very much the same way. Each one of us is so very unique! Just stop and think—no one in the entire world or universe has your genetic material nor your special soul. You are so very special! And you are in this world with your very own special purpose, direction, and gifts—making the world scene more incredible than it could ever be! Please stay unique and special!

The First Snow Fall

 Each one is different.

Everyone has its specific place.

Everyone travels at a specific time.


What if each one were blue?

Would we see a blue sea?

Or a blue sky? A star? Or the blue in her eyes?


Instead we see a white cloud.

A white field.

A white fog.


The chemical makeup coming from a Creator.

A Creator with an imagination to set each one as an individual.

Each crystal not absorbing the Light but reflecting the Light.


What is each one were black?

Would we see a black night sky?

A sweet blackberry?


Would we not see the Light if there was not black?

How would we know there were fireflies?

Yet they are all white—They all reflect.


Every shape proportionally perfect.

All sides of the shape coming together at the precise points.

Precise points that make a perfect individual.

What if each of these were red?

Would we see a big red leaved tree?

Would we see the breast of a beautiful red bird?

Would we see the red sunset?


What is they were all yellow?

Would we see the sunflower or the yellow Light rising at dawn?

What if they each were brown?

Would we see the brown earth?

Would we see the brown rock?


We are blessed.

Our internal eyes allow us to see all the colors.

To see the reflection.


The red bird perches on the black tree trunk that lightens brown as it grows.

The yellow sun rising gives a back drop to the tree and the sky.

The sky gives way to the blue.


The blue meets the green grass.

The grass meets the still black water.

The still white water bubbles to form the white foam.


Each alike.

Each creating the colors for another.

Each building to make the picture.

Each becoming real.


And the snow continues to fall.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I am so blessed to be in this world with such unique people. Thank you for being one of those and sharing your life with me. This is for the “Katies” in the world!

Be who you are and love yourself for your gifts!

Thanks so much for reading with me this week!






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