Lay of the Land

Lay of the LandThe weather has revealed truly everything on the Earth’s surface over the past weeks. Relaxing across this massive amount of stone and dirt is everything we know as living. It is funny how any other time of the year we are not as tuned into the magical world supporting this amazing living ball. It is really like people. People have been pressed, molded, and structured in their various environments to appear in certain forms or ways, whether to show a physical form or a behavioral form–Most of the time by other people. We forget like the lay of the land, we all have internal spiritual forces sculpturing, molding, and forming these unique souls we each possess. A nurturing external environment is important and a must for all of us, but even more important is allowing our spirit to be nurtured by our divine Creator. Sit back and enjoy the squeezing, pressing, and shaping as the art piece inside of you is revealed!

Lay of the Land

It is there all along,

But it is hidden during the year.

When the white blanket covers everything,

The lay of the land appears.

Curves and heights.

Bumps and rumps.

Lines that are straight.

And lines that move in and out.

Each tree and each rock lays upon it.

In their own special birthing place.

Everything stands out

And can be seen in its own special way.

Whoever knew charcoal, grey, brown,

Beige, and black could have so many shades!

You can see how rich the valley is

And how glorious the hills appear!

Occasionally throughout the muted colors,

A burst of deep green will flash as a cedar or pine surprises you!

To think this lay of the land has been molded

And has been shaped to make this impressive display.

Pressed, compacted, and stroked to make this magnificent view.

The forces working slowly

But specifically to allow us a view at this art piece.

Pressure squeezing rock and dirt to form the base where life springs forth!

The forces will continue working

So the lay of the land will be there for others to extract joy.

Providing imaginations a place to create.

The lay of the land can lead to a discovery at home

Or to any adventure past the hills!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you for being open this week to the greatest discoveries that can be found within yourself. Especially for following along and reading with me this week. Don’t hold the art piece in this week-As a very special Disney character has said over recent years-Let it go!!





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