Who I Really Am….

Who I am

I love celebrations! I have a birthday this week! I am so excited! I have found over the years that I really need to describe who I am for myself, not necessarily for anyone else. When we write down all the qualities that we display or know about ourselves, it helps us to grow. We can examine strengths and weaknesses. I like to call it an “inner selfie”! Unfortunately many times we only do this at our birth or our physical death. And at those two times the process is usually carried out by others. So I thought—Yes!—I need to see me and celebrate this birthday! I hope you find the courage to write about yourself and celebrate who you really are! By the way—Happy Birthday!—Everyday! Let’s celebrate who we are!!

Who I Really Am….

 I am a proud woman.

A woman from the South.

Yes, a Southern belle who finds her ancestors are a true part of her.

The Irish temper and passion.

The English order and honor.


I am round with curly hair.

I have skinny fingers and ankles.

My complexion is beautiful!

With laugh lines and cry lines.


The Southern heart of compassion, love, and honesty.

I am a woman who has lived.

One who has no regrets.

And one who looks to the future with hope and faith.

A woman of old convictions and of new directions.


A woman who loves her family.

I am a woman who cares deeply for her family.

I am the most proud of my children who have always been and are incredible people.


I have sinned and ask forgiveness.

I am a woman who has made mistakes.

But I am a woman who has tried to live right.


I find comfort in flowers and their textures and smells.

I love the smell of hyacinths and dirt in the spring.

A woman who loves the motion of water

And what it provides as I take a hot shower or a cool deep plunge into the pool.


I am a blessed woman that found her soul mate when she was young.

I was and am the daughter of loving parents that provided everything they could for her.

I am a Southern woman that loves art and all its colors.

I can stare at Monet or Marjoline Bastin all day.

I love books, china tea cups, shells, and skulls.


I am a Southern woman that loves nature and wildlife,

Especially deer, birds, bunnies, and puppies.

I find rocks totally amazing with their shapes and forms!

I am a woman who is amazed at the stars in the winter sky.

I love every season and how it gives me a reason to decorate and celebrate!


I am a woman that loves new experiences

And can be entertained by the simplest things.

I have a sensitive heart with a caring personality.

I love people.


I know who you are when I meet you and shake your hand—

That comes from my Granny Jones.

I know no strangers—

That comes from my Mama and Daddy.


I am totally right brained,

But I organize to hide that.

I am a perfectionist.

I don’t always focus well

And my mind likes to swirl around to different things.


I love a pen and paper where I can write.

I am a child of God and a follower of Jesus Christ.

I am sometimes frightened and scared,

Not always knowing why.

But when it comes to dying, I feel safe.


I love a great love story.

A Southern woman with a Southern drawl.

I am very innocent when I live life

Because I want to experience it all for the first time every



I have a great passion for my purpose.

I was an exceptional educator

I am a dedicated worker.

I am a vessel in which my Creator can use for His purpose.


You can accept who I am or not,

But most importantly I will accept myself.

My soul was before this world,

And my soul will continue afterwards.


I am not just a proud woman,

I am a proud person!

No! I am a proud soul!


Existing within eternity through my Creator!

This is really who I am!


Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I so appreciate you celebrating with me this week! You are so wonderful for reading with me. Step up and have the courage to express who you find yourself to be.  May you discover how wonderful birthdays can be!!





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