Heaven’s Scent

Heavens Scent

Finally—here in Tennessee they are back! The ice is melting and the sun is bringing forth the beautiful bulbs hidden beneath! I hope this week you think back to some brilliant color or smell that takes you inside your self and helps you discover something significant. Buttercups do this for me! As far as I can remember my Em always had a small bright pottery vase that would hold the first buttercups. The scent would permeate the kitchen and just brighten our dreams and hopes for sunshine to come. It is amazing how God sends us these small gifts of hope. This week reflect on your small gifts of hope from God that excite your soul!

 Heaven’s Scent

You hide from me.

I wait for you.

As the snow gives way to rain,

I peer expecting your arrival.


My soul needs sunshine.

My face needs warmth.

My heart searches for hope in the days ahead.

Your coming always shows me God.


The trees are still bare

And the grasses are crunchy.

But a few greens begin to appear.

I wait patiently.


The fragrance of your kind takes me back to memories of love and light.

Your little bright color beams forth like the sun at the sea.

I wait patiently.

Then as I walk among the brown and grey grasses, there you are!


A small but gloriously bright jewel!

Yellow with the smell of a thousand angels!

Glowing like a thousand candles!

A preface of the smells in heaven!


Upon your glowing face,

I know I see, hold, and can feel the love of God.

This is why I wait.

I can know in my heart that every year God will send you as the messenger of hope.


Buttercup, narcissus, jonquil-

You are my God appearing to show His faith in me as his servant!

You will be there very year!

And you give me the hints of what heaven is like!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Sorry I was a little delayed this week. I have been way under the weather. I really appreciate your patience and continuing to read with me this week!





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