The Man

Blessing = Love

When we are raising our children, the time is so consumed with day to day care that we just do not see the time passing so quickly. As they learn to walk, ride a bike, or drive a car, we think the time that they will be older is far away. Then one day we wake up and they are adults! 27 years ago this week, I was allowed by God to become the mother of a very special man. He was strong willed while still in the womb, but brilliant and filled with wisdom beyond his years. I have been blessed by the so many parts of his life, and God has let me be there to get to know him. I am proud of everything he has ever done, even the mistakes he has made, because he has taken all opportunities to learn about life. So I celebrate this special man this week. And I wish for many more years to watch him grow and change!

The Man

It is hard to believe the small hand is now a man’s hand.

More than anything,

This young man’s hand has known work, play, and love.

His strong build carries God’s questions forward.


Always wondering.

Always searching for truth.

Yet confident in his steps.

But understanding fear.


A man that knows when to say he is wrong.

A man that calms those that love him.

A man that knows to ask for help.

God has his life stretched in the future.


And the strong hand reaches for each line in the sketch.

Searching to make the way right.

This strong hand gently touches the ones he loves.

God blesses those that are called his friends and family.


I am proud that God chose me to have this man.

When this man touches others,

They will know God’s presence.

God has blessed me.

All will know this man by his strong mind and his strong heart.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

 Take time this week to tell one that has entered your life as a blessing just how much they mean to you. This one will be encouraged and you will receive even the greater blessing! I am so very happy you joined me this week. I hope you are inspired to love this week!



Family and Traditions


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