Summer Rumble

Summer Rumble trial

These summer storms can be very much like life. Everything seems calm and settled, then out of no where the rumbles begin. At first the struggle seems lighter and totally manageable. Then with every second of the situation, explosion seems inevitable! Wham! Pop! Boom! It is over. The outcome may or may not be what you expected, but you can sigh a relief and sit back to enjoy the victory of making it through the rumble. To your amazement you even have this sense of joy and pleasure, because you held out with hope and peace knowing you would be delivered safely. Enjoy those rumbles this week and when you have made it through them all–dance, sing, recite poetry, and smile!

Summer Rumble

 It is quiet.

The sun becomes covered by the clouds.

The angels begin to clap their wings.

The electrons form a straight line of energy from the sky to the ground.


The wind kicks up.

It swirls and it twirls.

I hear it coming through the hills.

I hear it moving through the trees.


It is a hum at first.

Then it sounds louder and louder.

Large drops pop against the concrete.

It feels like you are pelted by a bb gun.


Then it flows.

A constant stream pouring straight down.

The wind passes on.

The angels move to another location.

The electrons take their dance on down the road.


The smell is so incredible!

Smelling the rain is like no other scent.

The rain just causes all the other smells of the earth to rise.

The dirt lifts its older smell to mix with the rain.


The pure liquid becomes the saving grace for each blade of grass.

Each flower feels the pelting and perks up to reach the next ray of sun.

Then as quickly as it arrives.

It then descends.

The rumble roams on across the land.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Rumbles can be such blessings. Look for the learning that you are being provided through them this week. I am so very grateful that you have chosen to be with me. May blessed storms and dancing come your way!






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