I just get so excited this time of year! I just cannot help it. The Earth just comes alive displaying all of God’s amazing miracles! Also the whole season makes me relax, rest, and feel so comforted in all that is provided for me. I just cannot seem to get enough of the warmth and color! Stop for one moment and bask in all that warmth surrounding you!


The air is so clear.

The smells are so aromatic.

The wind is so crisp.

The colors are the deepest.

The sun is just brighter during that moment.


The senses heighten with all the stimulation bursting forth.

You just do not want to miss anything!

The rich, deep colors make us feel warm.

I lean back and bask in all the comfort around me!

The colors and the warmth also make me feel exuberant!


Sometimes I wish it could be Fall all year!

But then would it be so special?

Would I appreciate the moment I am experiencing?

Just last longer!

Don’t go away for a little while!


Sun shine a little longer!

Leaves glow a little brighter for a while!

Cool wind blow beneath my sweater for a moment more!

Clear scent settle with me for a little more time!

My cheek can feel the touch of miracles from the air.

I want to bask in this season forever!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I know in my part of the world today, it is raining. So hold out and don’t give up—those beautiful Fall colors will be bursting out! Get your “bask” in this week! And may God bless you even more!





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