The Waiting Room

The Waiting RoomIf you are a female or you have a very special female or females in your life, you have experienced the writing today. Some of us walk away with that sign of relief for another year and others of us breath very deep and begin the biggest fight of our lives. Many people, including women, would rather not speak or talk about this, but that is exactly the opposite of what we need. I am so proud of the many people that have made this fight public and built up the awareness of women’s breast cancer and other diseases. Also I feel very blessed for the public push on women’s health awareness. I know we have all been affected in some way by this issue. Just know we are all a family with each other when we fight this battle. You are never in that waiting room alone.

The Waiting Room

The one place where women are very quiet.

Very few words are spoken.

Each sits waiting.

The anxiety hangs in the air.


Breaths are held in.

Each one is so tense that no one would even know what to say to each of them.

Each waits to be called back.

Just hoping it will soon be over.


Each waits to see if they have the ok.

There are no smiles.

There are no relaxed faces.

Only tense facial expressions.


Each pretends to read, check messages, or scan magazines.

Finally the first call comes.

As each one gathers her things, a slight relief comes.

She is welcomed and then the door shuts closed.


Staff try in every way to make each one comfortable,

But they also know the fear and the unknown are present for each one.

Each returns to the holding area.

Each returns to their reading, checking, and scanning.


Waiting patiently for the happy farewell.

Finally the staff member returns and indicates all is well.

Each one rushes to re-dress, to re-collect, and sigh a relief.

Now each one can take a breath, a deep and long breath for another year.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

 A special prayer goes out to all the loved ones we have lost to these diseases and to the courage of these women. The ones we have lost and those fighting now are our great warriors. God does deliver miracles. Thank you for reading with me this week. Know we are all waiting with you.





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