Lady of the Shadows

Lady of the ShadowsBe prepared! Today is a writing about darkness. Darkness and choices of evil made by souls in this world. I wish we could say this does not exist, but unfortunately we have all experienced someone that is surrounded and enveloped by darkness. Not someone that is simply down due to circumstances or one who has experienced some tough life knocks. This person has made the choices to be consumed by the darkness. Even though this person seems far from the light, all it takes is one small step toward the warmth and light. Sometimes that person simply needs a nudge from us. We may be that only person to stop and love this one and ask for God’s blessing upon them. God has not lost hope for this person even though we and others may. But God may be using you to invade that darkness and bring that person into the light and goodness of others! So do not hesitate—reach into the shadow of this lady and change her destiny!

Lady of the Shadows

She left a highway lined with corpses and carcasses.

She prostitutes her soul.

For what?

For the power only.


At least what she thinks power can be or what power can do for her.

Her soul has slipped into the dark part of the shadow.

Her arrogance is worn through her personality.

Too good for others.


No compassion.

And no care toward the souls of others.

She frightens others with her demeanor.

Those that have dealt with her cry to be released.

Released from her dark spirit.


Will she ever see the damages she reeks on mankind?

Or worse will she see and not care.

She runs from the demons that have caused this dark shadow

By destroying the hearts of others.


She will continue to die a little more each time she kills.

Until it is too late to be redeemed.

She will be sentenced to live in her own dark shadow all of her days.

She has successfully conquered and enveloped the evil of the world.

 Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

 There are many people that fight internal demons we cannot imagine. That does not give them the right to persecute others. However we must be especially aware of how these individuals need help and seek that help for them. Most of all offer your prayers for them. There is always hope.

Thank you for reading with me this week. I so appreciate the time and love you give to me by sharing your time. I pray that this week the light will brighten your life to help others.





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