Children of the Night

Children of the NightMy family has always sought all times of the year to celebrate! My Irish and Celt background especially sparks a little flame deep inside that loves the excitement of Halloween. Now in modern days the idea of a fun scare and beautiful gourd all a glow just says celebrate with family. I remember one Halloween in particular when I was four or five years old. I hid behind my grandparents’ kitchen door, all dressed in dark, appropriate attire to scare my grandfather and great-grandfather, Daddy Hick and Pa Jones. Of course they knew I was there, but I thought I had really sent some chill through their bones! Afterwards we had a lot of laughs and hugs. That was the very best part. Halloween just says have that last night of fun outdoors before we move inside for the Winter. My Em and Jim always made time for us to have a bonfire during this season. The dark, cool night with that amazing glow would just resonate in my soul. So find time this Halloween and celebrate the magnificent gift God has provided us, family. Enjoy the miracle of God changing this Earth and preparing us for thanks in the weeks to come. Return to your childhood this week, and celebrate the leaves, pumpkins, cool air, and the excitement of the night with your family!

Children of the Night

Gourds are all a glow.

Their eerie faces in the dark

Bring shrills and giggles in the night.


Witches fly by in vibrant purple.

Turtles creep in and out of the shadows like ninjas.

Owls hoot above,

As the princess dazzles her scepter through the air.


Batman uses his mask to cover his grin as he moves steadily from shrub to shrub.

The colorful bed of leaves, yellows, oranges, and browns crunch under foot of these sinister souls.

Ghosts and skulls are hung on signs or at doors.

Lanterns and lights bring their glow to the enchanted night.


Through the howling wind,

You hear boos and howls in the distance.

Pails, sacks, and buckets drag through the leaves.

Holding all the delights found.


How can it be such a blessed night.

Because this is one of the last fresh airs before winter.

And this is when we can all return as children to feel and see God!

 Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you for returning to the past this week with me. Remember we always have a reason to celebrate this life that God has given us. Live it to the fullest! Even if it means being silly and dressing in costumes! May the Great Pumpkin enlighten your life this week!





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