The Thinning

The ThinningUp through the back north side of our property runs a knoll with many different trees. During the summer this area becomes thick and lush providing all types of hiding places for creatures of all types. As the Fall comes on, the leaves begin to fall leaving the scene exposing the trees and their thin branches. This is what we call “the thinning of the woods.” We all have “thinnings” in our own lives. Our “thinnings” fall away a little at a time, each time revealing our dignity, our shadows, and our open skies. Each time this happens we can become frightened, anxious, or nervous. When the “thinning” for that time period is over, we stand strong and can tell our story because we have survived with God’s grace. My family gave me the encouragement and permission to expose my creativeness after my “thinnings”. I also gave myself permission. That is how this blog came about. So whether your “thinnings” expose positive or negative hiding places, know the “thinnings” allow you to open up more to God and experiencing your life to the fullest! Welcome your “thinnings” this week! Stand tall and strong because these “thinnings” will let you grow into who you were meant to be!

The Thinning

The thickness and the beauty are so green and so deep.

Each hugs close to one another.

As if to hide a secret home dwelling deep within.

Its’ inhabitants covered from the unknown.

Then as the sun changes it shadow.

Some start to thin.

It begins with just a few leaves.

Five or ten or fifteen fall to the ground.

A glimpse of the hide away becomes visible.

Then as the wind picks up,

A cool crisp breeze arrives.

The thinning begins to happen quicker.

The leaves begin to rain.

One after another will let go from its security.

Gently flowing from the sky to the ground.

More and more of the sky can be seen through the thinning.

Suddenly all are there to be seen.

None are hidden.

All stand tall and strong.

And the dwellers find new shadows,

Within the thinning.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you so much for sharing with me this week. I always so honor your time, interest, and thoughts that you share. Can’t wait to hear from you and the wonderful things going on in your life!

Today is such a special day in my life and my family’s life. God has given us Norah Katherine Chapman today! He sent her to this world to be with us and carry out his amazing plan. Thank you God, and happy birthday sweet Norah! G loves you so!





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