Hues of Hope

Hues of HopeHave you ever been so exhausted that everything was just a challenge? I know I have been there. Your focus becomes blurred and your energy is at a low level. I feel so blessed that God knows exactly what he was doing when he provided me seasons in my world and seasons in my life. This time of year described in the writing can often be seen as a time of dying and depression, but we are given the colors such as the berries, grasses, and trees to show us it is a time of hope. In our lives we are many times chilled, and we develop distance between us and our living. This is why we are given time to rest and reflect. This time provides us the moments to know how blessed we are and how God takes care of us. It is a time we can say take this burden. We can see our purpose and meaning clearer. Open your eyes this week! Don’t miss the hues of hope in your life right now!

Hues of Hope

The Earth is very damp.

The wind chills you.

You pull the jacket close to your chest.

Even though the Earth seems to be dying,

There is something coming alive!

The quiet lets the surroundings be defying.

All at once colors come out that we would never notice.

The muted browns and beiges allow these to strike us immediately.

Deep red berries.

Flowering white grasses.

Green cedars with blue berries.

Everything pulls itself inside to avoid the dark and dull.

God says to us be very quiet and listen.

He says I am giving everything rest.

Time to rebuild and gain strength.

Time to refresh.

Time to reflect.

God says take this time to come inside yourself and share your soul with Me.

And the hues of hope,

The berries, the grasses, and the trees.

Let us know there will be another day to go out and play.

But today I will rest with my God.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I just cannot thank you enough for reading with me this week. Being able to share with you my feelings and emotions is a true blessing in my dull and depressive times. I just have always loved the Psalm that says “Be still and know that I am God.”. When I am with you on this blog, I can be still and know that God is truly there by all of your support! Thank you! The hues are there—just stop, focus, and look!





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