As the cold crosses the Earth, the night becomes pitch except for the beautiful, magnificent lights! I love having a sweater on, pulling it tight around me, and gazing at the light show that I have been given. I don’t know why but in the winter the show is just so much more spectacular! I truly believe our souls are that light that exist with God before we arrive here. That is why our babies have such innocence. They are pure love and light from God. I wish and hope for each of us that we return to that pure light as our existence here continues. We should not have to speak only or appear only to have this light—our presence should be this light!


 With every star a soul is born.

I use to just gaze

And I would wonder how could these be so bright against the dark sky?


Then as I realized

The lights were not just those of gas and nuclear power,

But from a power greater than a chemical reaction.


A source that streamed forth from every soul that was to arrive on the Earth.

Souls that would spend so little time in these weak bodies,

But forever in these strong hearts.


So what is a soul?

Is it energy?

Is it the glory from an unknown world?

Does it matter what it is?


What seems more of essence is not what it is,

But what it becomes.


A light that is beyond description.

A light that is eternal.

A light that has no words,

Only presence.


How many souls will I meet tonight upon my gaze into the dark?

 Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

 Tonight when look into the sky, be open to meet new souls throughout this world. Become the everlasting light to others! During this hurried season, do stop and look up! Thank you for your presence with me this week.









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