Such a small word with such a big meaning. Quietness, tranquil, calm, and restful are just a few words that describe this amazing word. More than just the physical word itself, this word is so gigantic in reality. For unknown reasons some people just cannot bring themselves to practice this word. They seek chaos, argument, tension, and busyness to their lives. When we seek this word and its true meaning, our own lives become so rich and joyful. We take ourselves into the reality of clarity rather than confusion. Hundreds of years ago a text that is very important to me was written with the exclamation “Peace on Earth, and good will toward men!”. Quit ironic the word peace was used indicating for the Earth to be quiet, tranquil, and calm. Let’s practice this word during the week and see how restful our lives and the lives of others can be!


 The feelings are very anxious.

The fears become greater.

The focus becomes dim.

The foundation is shaky.


Then within seconds or moments all become so little.

Joyful feelings take over the anxiety.

Hope consumes the fears that were once there.

The mirror becomes bright and the focus sharpens.


And under our feet the ground becomes solid once again.

The light becomes bright.

The glory surrounds us!

Comfort spreads from bone to bone.


God is with us.

God is in us.

God is the joy.

It is not me or I or us.


God is the peace.

I am the peace.

We are the peace because God is us.

Peace in this reality can be true!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

 Peace be to you and your family as the holidays arrive. I just thank you so much for blessing me with your presence this week. What peace you bring to me!









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