Prepare yourself this week. Have your heart bursting with joy, have your mind praying, let your voice bring comfort to others, make your hands provide help, see that your eyes glean the sparkle to others, and stop to share all that you can about this amazing season! Reflect and remember through all the hustle and bustle that this season is for one main purpose—to love. Love in all the ways you know how. Dig deep and prepare your heart and soul to share one of the greatest gifts of all—love. So don’t just prepare your home this week for Christmas, but prepare your heart so that you can give all year long!


 The scent of the cedar tells me the season is upon us.

The light, blue-green fruits and feathered branches provide a wonderful backdrop.

The nativity scene has been carefully unpacked once more.

It occupies the special place in the house where all can honor its purpose.

The song from the music box helps the skaters glide around the base.


The advent log rest comfortably waiting to glow as the time draws closer to the great day!

Bells jingle all around.

Songs and verses that are familiar to all can be heard.

Lights twinkle,

As ornaments strut their glory about the tree.

The magnificent star with its gold and stones represent the great birth.


The smells of ham and cookies make our tummies yearn for their taste.

The musical carousel stands tall atop the special crafted tree skirt ready to entertain.

The adorned angel holds the ornament reading Merry Christmas Ya’ll.

The paper Coco Cola Santa sits on the cabinet holding his finger to his nose sparking excitement of the little ones looking up from below.

All these represent preparation for the great season of love and giving.


Then we see their arrival.

One by one.

Smile after smile.

Hugs after hugs.

This is truly the season.

When those we share love with sit among all the other earthly things!

And we celebrate the best gift of all-

The born and risen King!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman


I cannot thank you enough this week for loving me by being here to read. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. May this holiday bring you and those you love peace, joy, and love. God please bless each one! Merry Christmas!










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