Equal Times

Equal Times

Equality is a word that can be controversial, a word that can be freeing, or a word that indicates bondage. When we come into this world we all enter the same way, through a birth of some type. When we leave, our bodies all decompose in the same way. So how are some of us viewed as above or below one another? Unfortunately a society, a group of people, sets into place many variables that define individuals. These definitions are very seldom written in words or pictures, but the definitions are present and all people within the society know they are present. Equality does not mean that we have a privilege over someone else. We have our own special code that writes us totally different than anyone else and that type of difference should be celebrated.

Why can I not accept that other person as a special human being with very special ideals? Why can I not accept a different look or a different personality from myself? Because mankind’s arrogance causes us to draw the imaginary lines. We all come wanting to know our purpose and our reason in this world. Our purpose is not to make up these lines to make ourselves feel better. Our purpose should be to erase all lines so each person can reach their birth purpose. It does not matter whether I clean restrooms, cook meals, set up strategy meetings, run a government department, fight fires, develop new software, or do any job that I am born to do. What matters is my attitude about my work and the pride I take in that task, and the attitude I take with those in other areas of work. That is where society has it wrong. I believe it all really comes down to the respect that is given to each other that matters. Equality means respect. Respect says, “You are equal to me, and I respect your contribution to this world.”. Respect says, “I love you for your part in this world.”. In the end the CEO dies the same way a teacher dies. Death is death in this plane, but showing love can be the part of the living that matters.


Equal Times

For one moment in time we were all equal.

No one had more money.

No one had a higher status.

We were all again the same-equal.


We come with only our souls,

And we leave with only our souls.

We gather all these memories.

All these visions.

All these feelings.


A moment for each experience.

The moment works it way into the grooves of our brain.

We think we can be equal.

We can go there.


Where everyone has the chance to rise.

Rise to send forth who we are.

Rise to send forth what we can become.

Rise to where we think we are above an imaginary line.


Equality-The Same-Similar-Parallel.

Is it ever attainable?

If it is not,

Who or what does not allow this same to happen?


Is it pride?

Is it power?

Is it selfishness?

Will this plane ever allow it to happen?


For two moments in time,

We are all equal.

When we break from our Mother’s womb,

And when we decompose into dirt and waste.


We come with nothing.

We go with nothing.

Equality is giving life.

Equality is taking death.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you for reading with me this week. Take time this week to erase the imaginary lines between you and others. Show them how their difference makes this plane a better place. As Dr. King indicated, I hope we celebrate all of our births, celebrate how we carry out our purpose, and celebrate our deaths in this society, as we are claiming this Earth as our home. I pray that millions of years from now if our society is found, pictures will show hearts lined up “equally” with many different figures of many different types of people.







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