We look at ourselves and compare our wealth to the wealth of other people. We see that they have more cars, homes, clothes, or whatever the material things are, and we forget that this is not wealth. I do just like everyone does. We get caught up in the comparisons of this world. We forget that being rich includes so much more than these things. It is only when we lose one of these precious relationship that we understand what it means to be poor. Our life has such a void. A void that hurts deeply. A void that cannot be filled. It is only then that we think very carefully of how rich we really have become. If a car or a piece of clothing is lost, this void does not exist. Think of the ways someone’s richness of character covers you and enriches your life. If that richness and enrichment is not with you, your heart hurts. Stop looking at the things your neighbor has and appreciate the souls that bring you wealth! You are probably the top earner in Forbes!


My life is rich.

My soul fills deep with joy.

Every day I realize the relationships I have are that joy.

God you give so much to me.


So much that I know what presence really means.

Most of us never relish that richness of life.

We forget that it can be as rich as dark chocolate.

Or as rich as smooth cream.

Richness is not monies or possessions or power.

Richness is that voice, that smile, or that silence that permeates the soul.

Richness is that kiss, is a touch, or is the breath you are blessed to experience.


The breath you want to hold on to and never lose.

The breath that takes you unconsciously into that moment.

Oh! Yes! I am rich!

I am rich because I choose the moment to be still and know.

 Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Don’t measure your wealth to someone else this week. Count the riches you have in others. I am rich in this life because I have you to join me. Thank you for being a part of the wealth in my life! It is very simple—relationships are so much more important than things!








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