Alright!! You caught me!! I played hooky last week and headed to the Nashville Lawn and Garden Show. There could have been no better place to practice this week’s reading. You know we are all born to create. It is our divine purpose. God demonstrated this amazing process to us in the beginning so that we would emulate this process in our own lives. Many people say I can’t create anything, but they don’t understand the meaning of the word or the meaning of the process. At the garden show there were so many creative people. People designing gardens, people doing floral designs, people sharing new inventions, people organizing the lectures, and the list goes on! Some people are creative with numbers and some with words. Others create cakes or furniture. While other people create organizations and mergers. The list is endless! So stop and think before you say you cannot create. Identify what you create. Name what you create. And own what you create! We are all such unique and creative people. It can be very difficult to create because it hurts emotionally. Don’t let your insecurities hold you back from God’s intention for you. Now—Go—CREATE!!


 When we create,

We go deep inside ourselves.

To a place that is hidden even from the soul.

A place where we will not even let those we love come in.


Whether it be pictures, laughter, buildings.

Whether it be meals, words, problems, or solutions.

We go deep, deep inside.

For those that choose not to tap into this level,

It is hard to understand why the creator hesitates to share.


Sharing exposes everything.

Sharing makes us vulnerable.

Sharing exposes what is felt the deepest.


That’s why the creator waits so long.

The sharing soothes the souls of others.

But the one creating still hurts.

Because it takes deep commitment to create.


It takes courage and bravery.

It takes persistence.

The creation may be accepted or it may be rejected.

Creations are not easily made.


Creating is painful.

Creating is digging into the soul for that one special creation.

Creating takes joyful.

Creating shows ones’ weaknesses.

Creating can shows ones’ strengths.


No one knows how the pain comes and goes for the creator.

How the pain stays in their mind.

How with each breath,

The creator has to fight for the creation.

The creation has to win.

Because the alternative is to lose one’s soul.

And to lose one’s soul means to lose the creating.

 Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

 With spring upon us what better time to explore our personal creating. Reach out and go for it! I hope you are led this week to create and share your creation with the world! Thank you for letting me share mine with you!   Happy spring creating!












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