Just Be

Just Be

What time is the next meeting? Did I pick up the birthday gift? We need eggs—when can I stop at store to get those? Is there enough gas to pick up and get home? Did I get the wash out into the dryer? Does all of this sound way too familiar? It does to me. Do you just catch yourself running from one moment to another without a breath? I know I do. Well, we just need to all evaluate how rich this type of life can be. Are we really participating in “real living” or are we just checking the list to get it all done? Are we interacting in a genuine way with all of God’s children or are we brushing them off in order to move on to the next check off? But most of all are you brushing yourself off? Today I say,”STOP!”. You are God’s most precious resource. You cannot help others and you can especially not help yourself if you are not still, rested, and listening. You can do this! Find some amount of time, no matter how small, and put yourself on the check off list. When you do you will feel like you gained an extra day in the week. Most of all you will be able to accomplish your God given purpose in a more beautiful and meaning way!

 Just Be

 It comes to me in the night.

When the sounds are quiet.

The sleet gently taps on the windows.

I know the wind hears me cry because the chimes tingle.


It come to me as I search for peace.

When I ask God to save me.

My heart can be felt beating through my skin.

I know my soul feels different.


It comes to me as the light makes its way to the page I write on.

When my thoughts reach for smiles of a happy time.

My eyes get heavier yearning for the deep sleep.

I know because the words come out as they should.


It comes to me beneath the soft comfy.

When my legs are warm.

But my shoulders are slightly chilled.

I know because of the comfort I feel knowing where I am.


It comes to me as the smell of the coffee makes its way across the kitchen.

As I taste the smooth yogart when the birds search for their food outside.

When my mind is fresh and open.

I know because my hope comes through for the day.


It comes to me.

I don’t know why or how.

But it is there.

A touch to my soul.

One that caresses my spirit.


It comes to me and says, “Be still and know.”

It says, “Be quiet and listen.”

It says, “Stop and concentrate.”

It says, “Just be.”

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

 Thank you so much for using your time with me this week. And if this is your few moments to yourself, when you finish reading, just sit and be with God and yourself. Don’t feel guilty. You must care for all of God’s children, and that includes you! I pray for quiet, peace, and listening for you this week.










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