Writing and Living

Writing and Living

Within creative expression, all of life can be brought to the forefront.  One’s life can be observed from the deepest desires to the most minuet descriptions.  Written expression is one way that people can have passion in their lives.  Others use visual arts, build, make wine, play music, bake, or they even do karate!  (yes, my love,  you are creative even though you do not think so!).  As where something seems to be simply stated or something is simply represented, depth of soul can be there.  The simplicity of the creative statement can be the most difficult to interpret.  It really does not matter how the work is perceived by others.  The true beauty of that piece is how it moves and expresses the one invested in its creation.  It is that person who receives the greatest blessing.  Other passer byers will be affected but not to the degree of the creator.  Expression allows one to be free.  Free from the obligations of others, and free from the condemnation of others.  Those truly carrying out creative expression do not need the approval from others.  They simply need to express for their own souls.  Until each person can realize this, one cannot be truly free.  So—-express what you need to in order to the live the way you can most fulfill your life—and your passion!


Writing and Living

You live to write or

You write in order to live.


It does not matter.

For the words show all.


The pain, the joy, the sorrow,

The surprises, the hope, the fear,

The love, the power, the light,

The darkness, the mercy, the comfort,

The security, the unknown, the weak,

The strong, the dreams, the living,

The nows, the tomorrows, the yesterdays.


I will live to write and

I will write to live.


It s does matter.

For the words show more than all.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I cannot thank you enough for joining me this week.  My greatest hope is that we together spark conversation and confidence in living our lives.  If not here within the invisible wires, maybe in your real physical circles!  Express, express, express this week!

This week I have to say thanks to a very special man in my life who taught me how working with your hands and your heart can be creative.  That is my dad, Jimmie.  He celebrates his 80th birthday this next week, and I am so glad I have been blessed to have him with me.  I am so glad God gave me to Jim and Em.  Happy Birthday, Jim!  I love you.








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