Songs of the Soul

Songs of the Soul

Recently as I listened back to some of my good old 70’s music by Jim Croce, I was reminded that we all have a story to tell.  Nothing can get one more inspired than a good old 70’s tune!  And with the new birth of everything outside—grass greening, birds returning, flowers reaching for the sun again—I just wished for all of us to be more willing to tell our stories.  So many people have so many things they have lived through and strive for, but most of the time the stories that go out online or in the media are not inspiring stories.  I really believe there are more of us each day that are doing good things and treating others with dignity and love than ever hits the media realm.  So I want today’s writing to encourage you to tell your story.  It does not have to be in writing, it could be anyway!  Just tell it!  You never know how God is using you with your story to help someone else.  Help this world be one that does hold us tight with love and joy.  It will become contagious if we share it!

Songs of the Soul

The sun rises above the hills and trees.

The shadows give way to light.

The small specks of green begin to creep out from the browns of the cold.

She yearns to move past the walls into the fields.


The light brings warmth to her body and her soul.

Birds flip and sing to greet the warmth.

She can smell the various floral scents from the flowers that have awakened.

Buds pop forth and release their fragrance.


She wraps her sweater tightly.

She slips into the light,

Faces the sun to let the warmth cleanse her eyes.

The rays hit her cheeks and she smiles.


Because she knows there is another story to sing.

She believes there are other pictures to paint.

And there are other words to write.

In telling the special story of one’s soul.


She knows there are many stories in the heart to share.

She wants others to share and create their own psalms and songs.

She only wants to sit back and let this ever changing world caress her.

Hold her in its arms.


Accept her for who she is.

And nurture her in who she needs to become.

She wants her soul to sing every verse of every song.

And to let her voice be heard beyond the sky.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Tell that story loud this week!  Put your joy out there and just wait for the blessings to come your way.  As always thank you for being with me this week.  I so appreciate you as my loved one on this journey!  Beautiful blessings!










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