Tears of Change

Tears of Change

Change is a difficult circumstance to handle, yet that is truly living life.  Even though we know growth, learning, and joy usually are results of change, we sometimes fight so strongly to be big and handle all the changes by ourselves.  Our physical bodies have pains and hurts.  I don’t know about you but I shed tears with these changes.  In my culture, we were taught that tears can be a sign of weakness, but I absolutely have learned that tears become hope and belief.  There is no sign of weakness when a person comes before God to let Him know how much you need Him.  This week let those tears roll over your cheeks like a waterfall!  God is big enough to catch them all and turn them into the biggest rainbow you could ever imagine!

Tears of Change

My tear tumbles down my cheek.

It is like pearls breaking and falling slowly to the ground.

The tear rest upon my chest as my sorrow wells.

I don’t want God to see me cry.


I want Him to know I have faith.

I do have faith that He has all in His hands.

But the emotions of my heart stream forth like a wound just opened.

I know You gave me these emotions.

But so many times they just get away from me.


They open up like a bloom exposing its scent to the world.

My soul pops open releasing it hurt.

It knows change is coming.

It is afraid and scared.


The one change doesn’t cause this sorrow.

It is the change after change after change.

It happens when the changes are so close together.

And they keep coming.


And my soul says no more!

I am not telling God no more.

I am saying I am tired.

Of course He knows.


I cry more and more.

I sometimes wail when no one is listening.

Not because God is not there,

But because He is listening.


He catches my tears and feeds them to the sun.

It is then when I see the rainbow that I know hope is here.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I cannot thank you enough for reading with me this week.  I pray tears and joy come to life so you can grow and learn.  Just remember you are never alone!  My love to you!









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