Plant Palette

Plant Palette

Don’t you love all the garden choices this time of year!  At the garden centers we are given this unending variety of colors, tastes, smells, and textures.  I just love it!  All of these let us experience the Earth and God’s gifts in such an amazing way.  You know our choices are the very same way when it comes to souls we meet and interact with on a daily basis.  We have people that put smiles on our faces immediately.  We have some people that just compliment us whether they are very different from us or whether they are very much like us.  Then we also have some people that rub us the wrong way.  Their texture is itchy and scratchy!  No matter, the variety is what makes this life so interesting and fun.  We can love them all for the gifts that they give to others.  So enjoy those beautiful blooms you chose this time of year, whether it be plants or people!

Plant Palette

Your enticing colors draw me to touch you.

Then the touch of your velvet purple lets me smell the aromatic results of the touch.

Your yellows, oranges, blues, and pinks excite me!

Row after row!

Tray after tray!


I get to run my hands through all of you.

Touching, feeling, and smelling.

The gardenias take me to a tropical paradise.

The coreopsis lead me through the yellow summer fields.

With the lavender I am in France feeling the sun upon my face

And seeing the purple flow across the fields.


The basil and tomato plants spin me into the summer picnic where burgers are grilling.

And then what do I see popping up above all the rest?

Balloon flowers just like the ones Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home.

The cool summer evenings return when I smell the deep scented angel trumpets.

And I think about the large moths flying into the white, funnel blooms.


The rosemarys say touch us and pinch us to let the aroma out!

The coleus, dusty miller, and scented geraniums provide me with textures to love.

I rub their leaves between my fingers and inhale their pure essence.

The marigolds and the sedums demonstrate the deep rust and gold colors that will lead us from summer into fall.

The picture palette continues with every color in the rainbow!


The choices of how your garden picture will be composed is very difficult.

Because as a gardener you know you want them all!

The hope is if you don’t get them all this year,

The plant palette will be there again for your picking!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

 Thank you so much for being with me this week.  I know the choices you make are so important, and I thank you for choosing to be with me!  The photo I used this week is The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, California.  I was blessed several years ago to visit these fields.  They are even more amazing to see in person as they are in the picture.  They produce most of the poinsettias that we enjoy at the holiday times.  I was there during the ranunculus season just like in the photo.  If you ever have the opportunity, you must visit.  Carlsbad is north of San Diego.  May this year and next bring you a great palette of souls to choose from within your life.  Just like the flower fields do!










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