Holy Ground

Holy Ground

Have you ever felt deep in your soul the feeling of being in a special place?  A satisfaction that made you feel safe?  A feeling of a presence watching over you and taking care of you?  A feeling that where you are and how you feel is in the presence of something much more than you?  As my sports guys call it, “the sweet spot”.  We all find a place where all of this is true.  We just don’t recognize that place often enough.

When I was a little girl I only knew of a holy sanctuary or church as this spot.  When we are young our world seems small and condensed so we can physically understand.  As our soul gains depth and breadth, this holy sanctuary becomes many spots.  However, a stained glass window and cross still seems to always do it for me!  You might find that moment on a bench near a lake or in a city near the trees.  I believe one of the most profound places for me was with my daughter at the 9/11 Memorial.  That is truly a sacred spot.  How the souls of thousands in this place have risen like the phoenix to demonstrate God’s great love.  How they gave all  and how God has used them to spread love.  It is truly a place where the reverence of life is honored.

Although to us these moments seem far and few between, they hold so much that we can cherish them for a life time.  And they are actually not that far apart.  We just don’t slow down to recognize them or hear them.  We have to slow long enough to hear our soul.  Be observant.  Recognize.  Let the air of your “sweet spot” fill your soul’s breath with renewal!

Holy Ground

Every time my foot sets down

My feet feel the padded carpet.

The wind wants my attention,

But my soul is drawn to the light.

I know I am on Holy ground!


My shoes crunch the leaves and twigs

As I look up to the sky.

My toes feel the green pad as I gaze on the dark night with fireflies.

Magic dances in my eyes.

I certainly know I am on Holy ground!


My body causes the floor to squeak,

But I look forward and see the eternal flame.

Although the walls surround me,

It is the base that makes me safe.

I know I am on Holy ground!


Every movement,

Every touch,

Every sound,

Every smell,

And every vision lets me know

I am on Holy ground!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you for allowing me to be one of your “sweet spots” this week.  May your soul take with you today a renewed spirit of love and peace.








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