You have heard we are our own worst enemy.  My brain can be my worst enemy.  I have ideas that float around constantly.  Discernment of these ideas is the most difficult thing to do.  Do I believe they are mine or are they God’s?  That is the question I have to ask on a continuous basis.  I really believe God placed them there, and He is waiting for me to find them!  He gives us creative thought, and I truly believe these ideas are the creative power of God working through me.  Many times when these ideas cause my brain to doubt or to be over confident is when the discernment comes in.  That is when we have to let it go!!  That is true trust!!  Now I am sure any one else has this problem?!!  It is so hard to do this, because we are controlling creatures.  If you do keep having the ideas—-Let them flow—There is no telling where God will take you or them!!!


The breeze is God’s breath against my cheek.

The sun is his warmth on my eyes.

There are ideas in my head.

I just want what You want God.


But I do want good health and joy.

God I seek what you seek.

I know I must be patient.

It’s just so hard.


Ideas are in my head, but are these from you or me?

Sometimes when I have done these ideas,

The ones from me, they were wrong.

I think they were wrong or is there a wrong?


What am I to do Dear Lord?

Where do I turn?

What do I do?

I want to be creative for You.


I want joy not just happiness.

I just imagine You would want joy too.

But I am Your servant and I want what You want in this kingdom.

I want to live for you now, Dear God.


With all my heart.

With all my soul,

With all my being!

With all my creative ideas!


I want Your ideas to be mine.

Please make sure I listen.

Please make these ideas visible.

Make them come to life!


Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I just have to share with you today that 28 years ago today was one of the happiest days in my life!  My oldest son, Seth, was born.  It has been an adventure and true trust ever since!  I am so proud of you and who you have become.  I love you so much!!!

Thank you for joining me this week.  I hope you don’t feel alone in this personal quest!  I know I so appreciate you and how you share time with me.  May your ideas be glorious and wonderful this week!








Seasonal Reflections

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Seasons for the Soul

What ideas have you had in the past and acted on?


What ideas do you wish you would have acted on?


When we search our hearts, what is really holding us back from fully trusting God and letting go?


How do you describe joy?


How is joy different from happiness?


What signs have you been given that helps you know how to choose your ideas?


2 thoughts on “Ideas

  1. “Listen to your gut” — a phrase I have heard all my life.

    Whenever I have a thought or impulse to do something kind or thoughtful or loving — or good — I try to listen/act upon it. As a Christian, I believe it is the Holy Spirit directing me.

    If my impulse is something negative — I know it isn’t God — although I can’t actually remember having impulses to do something bad . . .

    I actually wrote an essay, “Close Encounter With . . . a Jar of Honey” which appears in my blog, that addresses this very issue.

  2. Actually, I misspoke above but can’t figure out how to “edit’ my comment. The essay is not on my blog; it is included in my second book, “Sarah’s Journey, Through the Years”.

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