I Will Be Heard


I will be heard

This great country has given me freedom and life.  People have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice in order that I have the freedom to write and speak the truths that I hold the dearest.  When I wrote the passage below all I could think about was that no matter what happens or whoever tries to stop this speech and freedom they will not be able to stop it.  I owe it to all those that have given their lives to stand up and speak or else what they believed in and what they stood for is for naught. People consumed with hate and fear can never know this freedom or sacrifice.  I feel so sorry for them.  They can never understand love and love for others, because they will never and have never sacrificed for their neighbor.

Americans have and will always.  I know this country stands for the rights of others.  My family experienced Ellis Island and immigration through the Carolinas.  They settled like many families, past and present, and formed the backbone of this great country.  A country not about cowards hiding behind their weaknesses, but a country about people working hard and standing with their fellowman to love others.  A country seeking a better way of living for all people.  A country standing up for the equality of mankind.  I am one of millions that believe this to be true and together we will be heard!  We the People will be heard!

I Will Be Heard

My voice will be heard.

I will cry out with the truth.

You cannot stop me.

Because my heart leads the way.


My voice will only get louder if you try to silence me.

My cries will be heard past the mountains and through the seas.

The truth I speak will not be quietened.

Because I hold in my soul the sounds of the weak.


My voice is unstoppable.

Your threats and attempts to muffle me will not work.

For the wisdom will go past these like the wind moves past the branches.

Because others will accept the stories.


My voice rises above the screams of the critics.

Their disbelief will fade like the sound of a train as it passes.

The strength of the word will capture their eyes and open them to the hope.

Because we all want a better future.


My voice will yell.

My sound will get louder and louder laying a blanket of shame across the doubters.

The sky will carry it further and further.

Because you cannot silence me.


My yell reaches beyond the clouds.

It makes others listen intently.

The yell will cry for freedom, justice, and hope.

Because we all seek the truth.


My voice will be heard.

I will cry out with the truth.

You cannot stop me.

Because my heart leads the way.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I ask this week that you not be discouraged by the hateful and fearful acts of the weak and selfish, but rather that you rally to let others know we are a great people made of great qualities!  We are people from all over brought together for a greater good than we will ever know!   Thank you so much for reading with me this week.  For taking your precious time to hopefully be encouraged and inspired!  Blessings as you are heard this week!






Seasonal Reflections

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Seasons for the Soul


  • What experience has evoked such an emotion within you as it did within me in my writing?



  • When were you in a situation where you should have stood up and been heard but chose to remain silent?



  • When was the last time you took action when you felt passionate about something—-even a small passion in your everyday life?



  • How can we react in a spiritual way to others that seek to evoke fear and hate toward other people or even to you and yours?



  • From the experience you wrote about in the first question, construct a small journal expression about your emotions.





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