The Multitudes of Passion

Multitudes of Passion

The Berlin Wall Coming Down

It is so important that we feel passion for our ways in this life.  However, in a society that puts our every breath on the screen, it is difficult to display that passion in a meaningful way in fear of severe criticism or ostracizing.  Also many people have used agendas as a substitute for passion.  I truly believe that when people are passionate in a genuine way others will know.  Others immediately respect that without some type of physical altercation or verbal punishment.  Passion is deep in the heart and seeks goodness for mankind when sought in a healthy way.  It helps us all to better the human race.  Passion does not instill hate, prejudice, or fear.  Passion brings God’s creativity into this world through us.  Now this does not mean that questioning was not meant to be a part of this process.  So be passionate not “agendanate” this week!  You will see God through others and in their passion!

The Multitudes of Passion

To be passionate,

Does not mean to throw a punch.

To voice my opinion,

Does not mean that I am allowed to demean someone else.

To stand up for those who cannot stand,

Does not mean I trample over others to do so.


To believe,

Does not mean others have to believe.

To speak up,

Does not mean that I am offending someone.

There can always be acceptance—

Without rejection.


I wonder often if God ever dreamed His few would become so many.

So many differences with so many voices.

Or did He intend that from the beginning.

That so few would become all.


And that if all were passionate.

There would be questioning.

And questioning would push people to become better parts of themselves.

And being better parts of ourselves would help us be better parts of others.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I know we can live in this amazing world with others and still express our own passions.  God can lead us in this great venture!  I hope I hear about your passion path this week!

Please pray this week for my God children, Kristen, McKenzie, and Lenny, as they travel through a very tough experience.  Pray that this experience will be a true blessing for them all.  I love you.






Seasonal Reflections

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Seasons for the Soul


What passion lies in your heart to be brought out?



What fears have held you back from expressing this passion and why?



What are ways that you could express this passion in a positive and motivational way?



Describe how questioning can be a positive force in developing someone’s passion (questioning by someone else or by yourself!)?


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