Speak To Me

Speak to me

Have you ever been given signs to know how things should be?  A small signal, a short view, a quick glance, or a deep feeling that gets your attention.  This sign says listen—-I am speaking to you!  With our hurried pace, we so often brush off these signs or ignore them all together.  But we should stop and pay attention.  For example, I have noticed every time I need reassurance, a butterfly seems to appear—-even during the weirdest times of the year.  When I am attentive to the butterfly, a smile appears across my face, because I know God is there.  I truly know and understand this is God speaking to me.  You know we pray for answers, but are we always willing to slow down enough to hear the answers.  This is the way of God signaling me to something that needs my attention or how I need to stop and get the right perspective.  So—-slow down this week.  Look for the signs.  Listen for the prayers to be answered.  And especially hear and receive the speaking!!!

Speak to Me

The whisper of your breath,

Gently passes across my shoulder.

You have sent the breeze

To tell me of your presence.


The butterfly quietly rest upon my arm.

She is very still as you tell me to stop for a few moments.

You place a trance upon me when the doe’s eyes meet mine.

I see deep into your soul and understand.


You warm my leg

From the fur of the sweet puppy that lies beside me.

You tell me to be comfortable in my own skin.

I am reassured that my inside is more important than my outside.


As the bird flits by me,

I hear you speak.

You tell me to spread out my wings and fly.

You tell me You will catch me.


When the day is hurried,

As my car glides down the road,

The distinguished turtle slowly steps out in my path.

You tell me to stop and understand pace with wisdom.


How can I question you so many times?

When you send so many signs.

How can I not know your love is greater?

Than any measure of kindness when you choose to speak with me every day in some way.


Forgive me when I don’t listen.

Forgive me when I don’t notice.

Find grace for me.

Find patience for my ways.


Thank You for continuing to communicate with me.

Even when I think I know more.

You show me knowledge is so little for what is out there.

Speak to me.

Always speak to me.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

A very happy, belated birthday to my Lori Lynn!  I have been so blessed to have been chosen to be this woman’s mom.  Love you Ladybug!

I pray this week that the speaking you receive is worthy of your attention.  That you do not brush it off slightly.  Be ready for your prayers to be answered!  God bless you and yours!






Seasonal Reflections

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Seasons for the Soul



What physical signs have you been aware of in your life on a day to day basis?



When is there an instance that you needed to hear the speaking in your life, but made another choice?


Upon reflection how did you change your behavior in order that the next time you were spoken to, you were more attentive?


If physical signs do not call to you, what does that allows you to know your spiritual communication is happening?


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