The Leaving Pain

The Leaving Pain

At this time of year parents experience their children having to leave home.  From pre-school to grown children, we all have to go through this if we have done our job as parents.  Of course this happens other times as well, but no matter when it occurs, it never gets easier.  We are having to release that soul tie for them to go out and prepare for the world and for the world to prepare for them!  And I just cannot help it—-every time my grown children head back out into that world, I want to hold on or go with them!  It is a pain that no one but a parent could ever describe.  But—–I do let go, and I am even prouder of them when I know the great things they are doing for people and for God.  So if I need to have this pain each and every time I will.  I will for the incredible miracle I have been given to be a part of and for the great miracles they will become.  Thank you God for the pain!!  I would not have it any other way!!

The Leaving Pain

My heart actually split from the top to the bottom.

The pain was intense.

I know this is what a broken heart feels like.

As a tear dripped down my face and fell upon my chest,

Their absence was already felt so much.


I miss them so much.

Even though the mind realizes this absence will be temporary,

The leaving pain can be felt all over my body.

The instinct to be protective becomes so great.

I know God will really protect them,

But on the surface I feel somehow I am responsible.


I already miss lunches with them.

I miss watching silly movies or chick flicks with them.

I miss them being at the pool or dinner table for long talks and plans.

The leaving pain reaches deep into my mind to distort my hope.

I have to fight the pain so they will know I trust them.


I trust them as adults,

And I am proud that they take risks and really live their lives.

I knew all along that God had only loaned them to me.

His plan for them was to live this life to the fullest for Him.

He would touch others with their joy and love.


That is why I fight the pain,

So they see I know the hope is there for them and for me.

When we are then separated between worlds,

We will have the hope of knowing we will see each other again.

The leaving pain transitions our relationship beyond this place.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you so much for joining me this week.  I send prayers and love as you experience this pain any time during the year.  I say thank you to my children who have allowed me and continue to allow me to be a part of their lives.  May blessings come your way in happenings you could never imagine!









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