Mindful Soul

Mindful Soul

Have you ever had those restless nights or fitful moments where your mind just wrestles you down?  I certainly know I have been there.  And I have been there more than once!  Certain types of people have personalities with constant, active minds.  I really believe this also relates to genetics with certain genes generating these personalities.  This a great asset for thinking and brainstorming, but can be detrimental to a mind of a person needing rest.  I feel my faith is strong (although it can always be strengthened!), and I try to turn all over to God.  But my silly, human mind takes control and fights tooth and toenail to win!  Ughhhhh!  I just try not to lose heart or hope.  When this happens I make myself turn and talk to God.  I sometimes just start with little things or jump into the deep conversation of “let me listen to You, not my brain!”.  I at least engage in a conversation that calms me down, and another Spirit that tells my mind to shut it off and stop!  I guess one reason I really wanted to share this today was because I was afraid others were like me, and they may have not been told that this is ok.  It is ok to be wired the way you are.  The important part becomes how you ask God to help you manage your wiring, and how you use this for your great purpose in this life. Engage this week with conversations between you and your mind, but don’t forget God is always there to talk!

Mindful Soul

The mind talking to itself is a scary thing.

It starts with a few seconds,

Then those led to moments,

And moments to hours.


You try to silence it so that rest can come.

But it speaks louder and clearer.

Until you feel like it is yelling to you.

You try to talk back to it.


You ask it to calm down.

You try to reason with it.

You try to harness the thoughts.

But to no avail it wins.


Your peace is taken.

And your rest interrupted.

If it only knew how you needed those for it to keep going.

Will this battle ever be won?


Will it ever just listen to my heart and soul?

Soul hold on.

Because all is not lost if you are there to tame it.

Take the mind and place it in the hands of God.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I certainly hope this piece has helped someone this week to better cope with the stresses of life.  My dearest hope is that everything I write can help someone.  I am thankful how I am wired, and I want you to appreciate how you are also wired,  because that is what makes this life so worth living—-our similarities and our differences!  God bless!







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