First today I want to say thanks for all of you wonderful souls that have been hanging in there with me.  My post has been a little sporadic the last couple of weeks due to scheduling.  However, I am getting it all worked out and will soon be back on a regular basis!  Thanks for having patience!  Now— on for this weeks discussion!

The simple piece today says it all.  We all know the damage that worry can cause, yet it catches us off guard so many times.  We are so busy with our lives, evaluating all the many situations that we are involved with that our minds don’t have the time to rest.  And when the mind cannot rest between situations, it does not have the needed time to evaluate options that are good or the best choices that we need to make.  I wonder if you are ever like me?  I just want to say time out!!!—I need a moment to not think!  I know one thing I do try—I stop and put trust where it needs to go—to God.  I relax my shoulders, I release my tension, and I say take this.  I really don’t care how small the situation seems.  I think we forget that God (Jesus) said “Come to me as small children.”.  And you know small children usually deal with small situations!  Then with the breath that comes next, I gain clarity.  So to sum it up—–worry = trusting = let it go (God said it first Elsa!!)!!


Biting nails.

Tugging hair.

Grinding teeth.

Worry brings them on.


Worry swirls the thoughts.

In my mind I rerun the same scenarios.

Breaking out.

Rubbing ears.


OCD comes out to show its control.

Touch 1 time, touch 2 times, touch 3 times.

Turn lights off.

Turn lights on.

Turn lights off.


Tapping finger.

Shaking leg.

Worry worm.

Wiggle no more.


Tiredness fuels the worry wart.

Rocking, rocking, rocking.

It is like an itch.

You want to scratch and scratch.


Spinning fingers.

Creased wrinkles on my face.

Hurried steps in my gait.

Worry follows me.


Your mind knows better.

Your heart does not want to give in.

When do we learn this worry?

Or are we born with this worry?


Worry, worry, worry.

Won’t let me rest.

Mind please let me be.

Worry seems to be what I do best.


I try to give over.

To the power above.

I will let it be no more.

Lord-Oh! Lord-I will try not to worry.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you so much for being with me this week.  For taking your precious time to read and think with me.  May your worry float right on up to the right place this week, and may you life be filled with peace and joy!  Happy early Fall!!







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