Wisdom can appear visually as a sage contemplating life, an elderly person providing advice, or as an owl perched in a scholarly position.  People throughout history have searched for wisdom in many different faiths and in many different cultures.  In this case wisdom being the all-knowing answers.  Many of those people search all of their lives to only discover that true wisdom lies within their soul.  Deep inside where we discuss and search ourselves. Where we have conversations with God.

Wisdom can also be used as a deceptive tool.  Of course in this case it is not really wisdom.  There is a real big difference in wisdom and another person’s opinion.  Obviously, this is not true wisdom.  I really believe if you think you have reached a level of wisdom, then you have really never received it.  The wisest people I have ever known have displayed a continued life of learning and changing.  They never have real answers.  They help you search for your real answers.  Wisdom is the forever learning, changing, and searching that we continue to go through.  So, keep on learning, changing, and searching—-you will be the wiser for doing so!!!


My heart feels the warmth of your touch.

I breathe in the rays of the sun.

My soul is comforted by the grace I am given.

I am so blessed to have loved.


My hurt has driven my heart to grow larger than it could ever be.

Without the sight I have been given in my mind.

I would be so less wise.

My weaknesses show me the valuable life I take for granted.


And the souls I encounter deliver light into my shadows.

The ones I have been given support me and are proud of me.

I witness the colors that make this world so amazing.

This provides such hope for the world I have not yet entered.


Textures and surfaces let me know what feathers and rocks feel like.

The same feathers and rocks make me feel as though I am a part of the Earth.

I live because I have been given a destination.

I have all of these experiences that show me where I fit in.


These experiences also lead me to the places where I do not need to be.

To live is to stand strong with yourself.

To die is to know who you really are.

And to not fear that knowledge is the answer.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you for allowing me to have a place where we can discuss issues that really do have not answers.  I have found this life is so much richer when we are willing to be open around topics that do not come to conclusions.  May this week increase your wisdom!  And knowledge!  And insight!  God bless during this ever changing season!








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