The Dark Ones


I wish that we never had to worry about evil and the results of evil, but unfortunately we all do.  Some humans cannot resist the side of their soul that feeds fear, dominance, and betrayal.  When this happens, we all feel the chill and distrust displayed by such individuals.  The hope and the future depends on the light of love that each of us has.  The light that can be stronger than the darkness of this pursuit.  The hope is that we reach out and overcome these acts of evil by moving forward in showing kindness and honesty.  I don’t believe we are to act like vampire hunters searching these individuals out, but I do believe it is our mission to stand strong and let the light of the everlasting love shine through us to cover up any darkness spiking its ugly head in this world!  So shine that little light of yours!  All of our lights together will make a bonfire worth attention!

The Dark Ones

You know them.

As soon as your soul sees or feels them,

You know them.

They are in disguise,

But their shadows loom behind them.


Real, everyday people do not matter to them.

Their shadows’ creep over these souls little by little.

Dark negative feelings hidden behind grins, not smiles.

Hidden behind false laughs, not joy.

The real people develop fear and distrust of these dark ones.


Why?  Because the real people know the dark ones strike at any time.

The souls of the real people fear these shadows.

The shadows of the dark ones seep out,

The shadows start touching the real souls,

And creep into their hearts.


The real ones hold in at first.

They keep their fear and anxiety inside

As the dark creeps slowly inward.

Their souls begin to hurt just a little.

Then the shadow covers more and more of the real ones’ souls.


Their souls ache each and every minute.

Their souls question themselves.

Their souls become depressed by the dark black space.

Despair causes pain.

The pain builds and builds.


Finally the dark ones’ shadows try to take the final part of the souls of the real ones.

The real ones’ souls almost burst.

Then deep, deep within the real ones’ souls,

One spark of light from the depths of their heart lightly glows.

The one spark starts to grow

And the spark gets larger and larger.


The shadows of the dark ones begin falling away second by second.

The real ones’ souls sigh as they are relieved.

They are taken from beneath the shadows.

The souls gain relief.

More importantly the light coats the dark.


The light completely drives the dark away.

The real ones’ souls experience joy and peace once again.

The dark ones’ shadows withdraw.

The shadows go back behind the grins and the laughs.

Waiting in the dark to strike again.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you so much for reading with me this week.  Thank you for taking your time from your life to share with me.  I know today’s topic is not always a popular one, but I think we sometimes need to be uncomfortable and discuss issues that are important.  Keep your love light flowing!  And never stand in that shadow too long!







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