Shadow of the Frost


Do you ever find yourself frozen in time? It’s like you are standing by watching your life pass but not participating in what is happening.  It is easy to find oneself in this predicament, especially as fast as life moves these days.  Sadly we really don’t even know how little by little we have frozen our own view of time.  Demands of work, relationship work, and even what may seem your choice of activities can become overbearing.  So overbearing that we just stop our focus and become stagnant.  When you get that little chill in your bones, and you feel as though you are watching life instead of living life—-get by the fire!!  Surround yourself with family, friends, warm comfies, hot coffee or cocoa, glowing lights, fulfilling activities, and most importantly the Holy Spirit.  Shake the frost off and skate right back into life!

Shadow of the Frost

You lay yourself across the grass.

You are between the trees, shrubs, and bushes.

You provide a frosty glow that lights the land.

You come upon the grass and the plants little by little.


What is your purpose, frosty shadow?

Does your moisture seal them and feed them?

Even though I know you are chilly,

I am warmed by your presence.


I watch out my window as you are gently overtaken.

The rays of the sun soak you up one wave at a time.

You go as quickly as you come.

You disappear.


Then your shadow falls again another night.

Crystalizing all that is under your watch.

Chilling, but warming the Earth.

Shadow of the frost-

Do not let me freeze.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

As the skies darken early and the temperatures drop, we have a tendency to seclude ourselves.  Seclusion leads to depression, and depression can even lead to physical illness.  Fight the frost!!  Thank you for making the choice to be with me this week.  May the remaining Fall bring you and your family blessings and warmth!






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