It’s Time To Dream Again


We all need a reprieve.  When we go day after day and week after week, it is imperative to rest.  Rest and relaxing allows our minds to be at ease.  Our souls have a few moments to contemplate our dreams.  No matter who you are, you have dreams that need to be fulfilled.  Dreams represent hope.  And hope proves that we believe in tomorrow.  So rest into this time of holiday transition and take time to examine your dreams.  Examine and explore hope!

It’s Time To Dream Again

She pulls the warmth of the covers under her chin and against her cheek.

The smell of the clean and cool is intoxicating.

Her eyes glance and wander out the window.


The thumb of the frost has imprinted the grass with its touch.

The berry bush patches pop red against the dry and beige grasses.

High in the tree’s body,

The grey limbs sway from the winter breeze that flows across the sky.

Everything else is still.


All creatures remain quiet from the night.

Day break reaches her glow through the shadow of the limbs.

A soft muffle sound comes from the pup balled up next to her.


A deep breath comes from her mate as he rest.

The daylight provides warmth.

She smiles and pulls the covers tight under her chin.

She closes her eyes to dream once again.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you for reading this week.  Keep yourself resting around your important dreams this week and during the holiday seasons. God bless your hope!






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