The First of Everything


With January being our first month of the year, I just couldn’t help but remember a piece I had written several years ago.  It was after the first year without my Mom, Em.  My dear family member, Jeff, also just lost his Mom late Fall this last year.  A couple of years ago, a dear friend , Brenda, lost her Dave on Christmas Eve.  So I was again reminded how much we miss those that we love.  We have to move on and do, but the soul still yearns for that physical touch.  It’s also so amazing how much an integral part people play in our lives.  How their small day to day actions affect us.  How we sometimes take for granted those little moments that build up to all the big scenes.  I know that my Mom will never leave me, because she is a part of me, but I know every little moment with those I love is a defining moment.  It is a defining moment to never be taken for granted.  So this week catch every second and hold it tight for those you love and have with you.  If it’s a phone call, a text, or a quick get together.  Cling to it with your heart, because it is these moments that make the memories of the soul.  And these memories are the last and the first of everything in your heart!

The First of Everything

You think you are moving on.

You think the pain is lessoning.

Then there is the first of everything.


Cooking the hog jaw without her to lead us is so hard on New Year’s Day.

Sugared cabbage, black eyed peas, and crackling bread is just not the same without her sharing the table.

Valentines arrives and there are no small boxes of candy hearts from her.

Your heart breaks for this little gift that was loaded with love.


Your birthday arrives and no call comes saying “Happy Birthday Baby”.

No card, no cake, and no kiss.

The Easter season arrives and she is not there to make the dressed eggs.

She always knew just the right seasoning.


The days move forward, the first Mother’s Day comes, and she is not there to smell the red roses.

She is not there to be taken out to dinner.

The first Fourth of July fireworks go off,

And she is not there to sit at the grill while the burgers cook.


The week of her birthday arrives,

And you realize just how much you miss shopping for her.

You miss giving her wishes and watching her have so much fun opening her gifts and eating caramel pie.

Although she always said it was not as good as Mrs. Polly’s.


The first Halloween arrives and she is not there to light the pumpkins, cook weinee worms, or greet the children.

The first Thanksgiving comes around and the dressing does not taste the same without her touch.

The day is empty because she is not there to say what a great meal it was.


Christmas arrives and her stocking is not hung any more.

There are no gifts for her.

You know she is watching,

But she is just not there.


I guess it is better that we don’t know the last of everything, because then the first of everything would not hold the memories we so much need.

The memories we so cherish.

The moments of relationships shared.


The first of everything is hard,

But I am so glad we have them.

The first of everything allows me to never forget the last of everything.

And the last of everything can never be taken from our souls.                                                 

Lori Rennae Chapman

I ask that you are blessed this week to make memories with those you love.  Enjoy the love that reaches beyond this world and don’t forget those that have been with you.  Always remember, because remembering is the greatest love you can give them!  Acknowledging the influence they had upon you and how they enriched your life.

God speed this week with remembering and loving in the new year!


Family and Traditions


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