Purpose Within Eternity


Purpose is such an important matter in our lives.  Everyone is searching for it.  Knowing why we are, what we are to do, and where we are going are all parts of purpose.  And just about the time we can reach and answer one of the searches, another of the searches comes into question.  But isn’t this the wonderful thing about freedom!!??  Choices.  Possibilities.  Chances.  We have to continually search for that purpose so that our passion remains on fire!  Don’t let doubt and fear hold you back.  Practice true faith.  Our searches change as life changes.  Accept this with positivity and joy.  Look at this freedom of purpose as never ending, because it is!

Purpose Within Eternity

Purpose is your eternity.


Live with passion.

Dream with no limits.


Go out and live.

Live your dream and your hopes.

Don’t let fear control you.


Let your soul guide you in stepping out.

There is so much out there for you.

So many possibilities.

So many choices.


You cannot reach your purpose if you don’t step out.

Fear is normal.

Let it inspire you.

Somewhere out there your soul knows its purpose.

Or better to say somewhere in here your soul knows its reason.


Your soul yearns to learn and to give as the Creator planned.

Our souls cry loud for attention from the masses.

Not to be glorified or idolized,

But to send out strength to those who find no hope.


We are brave.

And we will go forward as brave people into the future.

Our hearts will live, dream, and survive to better this existence.


So reach and touch the soul of another.

So your purpose can be reached for eternity.


Eternity is your purpose.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman


This piece was for my Lori Lynn and my Cam.  Lori Lynn has been so brave in searching for her purpose in life.  She left what was a comfortable and safe environment and reached into a big world searching for her purpose.  Cam stepped out and made choices to brave the world out of his comfort zone to fulfill purpose.  I hope you are blessed to have examples in your life like Lori Lynn and Cam.  Always continue to strive for your purpose!  When your life circumstances change, so does your purpose—-even into eternity!







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