The Past Chase


It may come in the form of a nightmare.  Or it may suddenly be like a deja vu.  You catch yourself focusing on it.  Every other thought returns to it.  You just cannot shake it!  You begin to make up scenarios of how to handle it.  Your emotions move to their highest.  You just finally want to scream at this “thing”!!!  I know for me letting go is the hardest to do.  But we have to in order to move on our life path.  If we choose to hang on, chew it while, throw it around, attempt to always solve it, or grip with all our strength, the “thing” becomes controlling.  A controller of your peace and love.  If the “thing” bothering you holds on this week, just stop and give a scary scream—-get out of here!!!!

The Past Chase

Let go of me!

Please let go.

Keep your hold away from me!


I had hoped once a certain week was past that you would let me be.

Your grip continues to strangle my peace.

Your want and fear chases me.


Just stay away!

No one wants you in their lives.

No one wants your arrogance or selfishness.


You grab souls trying to extinguish their lights.

Trying to hide them from being seen.

Because you are so afraid.


So afraid of love.

So afraid of losing what you think is power.

Afraid to see others loving.


The light you seek to destroy can never be trapped so stop trying to capture it.

Let the light be free!

For it will burn through you to be seen in its purest form.


Let me go!

Let my light go!

Go away forever!


For my light will consume you until it returns to the great warmth from which it came.

And your grasp will slowly dwindle to nothing,

Because you have no light within the Devine.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I hope your week can be peaceful from “things” of all sorts.  May God help you rest your soul and your mind this week.  At least if you scream, you are really getting some good deep breaths and exhaling all that negative stuff!


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