Sparkles in the Sky


Have you ever heard of the saying “star struck”?  I get that way every winter!  There is nothing more wondrous than the sky in winter!  When you stand alone in the pure dark, illuminated by these magnificent spheres of gas, one cannot help but to be in awe.  I feel like I could just look up and stare for hours.  And the emotions that rise up in you when peace has covered you in such a majestic way.  I normally take a breath that reaches deep into my belly, and then I release a long, slow breath taking in the miracle.  You just know that there is something bigger than you, but that you are such an important part of it.  This knowing brings comfort to your soul.  Seek and search that sky this week.  Take comfort in knowing that you are as important to these stars as they are to you.  Let the miracle of light flow through your bones and into your living!

Sparkles in the Sky

So many.

So far.

So bright.

So dark.

So clear.

So quiet.


A million diamonds.

Sparkle and make patterns.

The air is so fresh and crisp.

Breaths can be seen.


You feel a cleansing.

A cleansing of not just the land but the soul.

The light of each billions of miles away touches right upon your eye.

You feel so close to each.


The chemicals that keep each one sparkling is so pure.

You become pure because you know purity is in the eye of the Beholder.

The Beholder creates the sparks again and again.

The sparks strike out again to reach a view.


So silent.

So transparent.

So black.

So brilliant.

So distant.

So much.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I pray for a blessed revelation in your life this week.  That you can find comfort in our natural miracles and hold on to your faith with peace.  Through these miracles souls are with you through God’s grace!  My sweet baby told me one time to never forget that when I was looking at this great vast sky that she was too, so we would always be together.  This week let the sky keep you with those that you love and those that love you!




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