Let Your Soul Rest


The soul is such a precious thing to protect.  I find that much of the time I am the one my soul needs protecting from!  I am really hard on myself.  I micromanage and pick apart my inner being.  I know there are others that do the same.  So for those of us who do this, we must be aware and recognize what we can do to ourselves.  When we feel trends and actions happening that have damaged our souls before, we need to be alert and divert from these happenings.  If we don’t care for ourselves, no one else will.  Sometimes it is as simple as acknowledging to back off and let your soul have a rest.  Your soul needs to reflect in order to relax and expand, and we must allow for that time.  So if you are like me, stop being so hard on yourself.  Start letting peace, rest, and repair seep into your hidden being.  Give your soul a break from yourself!

Let Your Soul Rest

We can be really be tough on our souls.

We abuse them.

We torture them.

We hold back love from them.

Our souls take a beating.

By the one that should so greatly protect it.


We have to love ourselves.

We have to love our soul.

Accepting our soul is loving ourselves.

Our soul reserves the deep thoughts of our self.

This is the place where we can be honest with ourselves.


Each of us is so special.

Made with a soul that has been genetically designed.

The mystery that so many of us seek.

Can be found so easily by looking inward.

All we need to do is to examine our own code.

Our own special soul that acts like no other soul.


What is a soul?

No one body part contains it.

No one body part controls it.

It takes the mind.

It takes the heart.

It takes the chemicals.


All of these connect into the soul.

All of these function by the direction of the soul.

We experience the feelings deep inside.

Deeper than any physical part.

We have the deep belief gathering in our psyche.

So much of the time the belief that our soul is not good enough.


Let your soul heal and repair.

Let your soul accept who you are.

Let the mind be at peace.

Let your soul be.

Let your soul rest.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Watch and catch yourself this week when you become too hard on yourself.  Take a step back, breath, and let the peace consume you.  Your perception and look upon living will allow your soul to grow leaps and bounds!  God bless your soul!










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