It is good to be back!  I missed everyone so much.  My Dad, Jim, has experienced some difficult health issues, so I have needed to be with him over the past weeks.  He is on the mends, and thanks to the many prayers to God from all of you for him.  Starting today we as Christians and other beliefs begin some very important traditions for our faiths.  A special emphasis will be placed on these traditions to be carried out through Sunday.  My hope is that we expand these traditions into our every day to day and moment by moment living.  We don’t wait for that one special time of the year.  Everyday should demonstrate a tradition that our God finds pleasing.  These traditions should also demonstrate our love that we are giving to this world.  So this week seek to celebrate all the time everyday, not just during this traditional season!


Why do we repeat the actions of the past?

Why do we place our faith in actions?

Our foundation is hope,

Which we practice through faith.


The service to praise God’s birth

Or to praise God’s death for us.

The star with its five rays of light.

The square and compass with lines to God.


All guide us to the one and only.

The reason for these actions we repeat and replay.

Is this repeat genuine?

Is it real?


We do in reverence to the One.

The One that provides grace to use between these traditions.

The One who moment by moment is with us,

In our hearts, in our souls, and in our bodies.


God as the center of the star of light

And the eye of the Almighty

Knows tradition is our way of thanksgiving for His grace and love.

With each step of the tradition,

We walk the labyrinth of the journey in becoming closer to God.


The gathering, the praises, the laughs,

The tastes, the prayers, the promises,

The ceremonies, the songs, the pictures, and the relationships—

Are all the traditions for our God.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I pray that you and your family find joy and traditions not just this weekend, but all year long!  Accept God’s blessings and celebrate every day!  My love and prayers are made for those who lost their lives or those that were injured worshiping and celebrating this last week.  We hold you and your families in our hearts and pray for healing.




Family and Traditions


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