The Death Prayer

The Death Prayer

In my family we hold “Decoration”.  “Decoration” is a time to visit the graves of our loved ones and place flowers there to honor them.  This usually occurs near the first of May or near Mother’s Day.  The “Decoration” time was not only to honor our dead, but it served as a great time of gathering for family.  For this reason, I remember the piece I wrote on death this week.  Also April was the time in which my Mom started her new life with God.  Even though this still has to be one of the toughest times in my life, I am also brought peace with the sadness.  Near and at my Mom’s death I witnessed such peace from her.  Due to the Alzheimer’s her peace was stolen here with us.  She recognized that death would bring her peace.  I know I learned one of the most valuable lessons I have ever learned from her at that time.  Don’t wait to find peace in the other world.  Find it now so that joy can consume your soul.    Peace leads to joy and joy to love.  It can continue to your next travels, but why wait when you can feel it now!  So seek peace this week.  It can be experienced here as well as in heaven and the other paths we will follow!

The Death Prayer

Bone to bone.

Each one touching.

I need rest.

Deep inside of my inner soul,

I need rest.


The wants and demands have to stop at some point.

One albatross changes into another.

The weight on the body pushes it down.

The inner spirit needs peace.

Will peace not come?


God come into my mind.

Give me your comfort.

Pass me your calm.

One tear falls.

Then another.


Finally releasing themselves as wails.

Wails that reach into silence.

Release is for a moment then the next burden comes.

Tears rise again and fall.

The last wails rise against the silence.


This is why death becomes so easy.

As our wisdom becomes deeper,

We know that peace can only be reached when this body breathes no more.

That is when the bones let go.

And the air dissipates gently.


Relief causes us to relax.

I beg please allow me to know the peace in this world.

Please do not hold it back for the next plane.

Let my mind rest in you.

I know your interest is for my joy.


Let my bones lean onto the Earth and relax.

Let my soul lay in the fragrance of my spirit.

Let my breath flow into the sky.

Please let my heart stretch to receive love.

And know that I am satisfied with my plight.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Death will come, but peace doesn’t always.  So it is imperative that you find peace in order to have joy and to love more.  Thank you so much for reading with me this week.  Blessings of breaths with peace this week for you and yours!







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