Gods’ Tears of Joy

Gods Tears of Joy

When the clouds gather and the landscape turns grey, we know rain will soon be coming.  We can face this with fear and dread, or we can embrace the opportunity to be washed by God’s tears.  As I reflect upon the flood that occurred in our area several years ago, I can certainly understand why some would develop fear.  We have to keep perspective of knowing these situations do not happen often.  Instead we can relish the time to reflect, dwell on hope, and cleanse our souls.  As the spring brings God’s rain, look this week for all the healing points in your life.  Look for the times God’s tears have healed you.  Sit back and soak in the waters of joy!

God’s Tears of Joy

They tap the window softly putting me to sleep.

They gently wash the mane of the horses relaxing in the field.

They nurture the blades of grass.

They fill the spaces left in the ground,

So the birds can bath and drink.


They flow through the creek feeding the small creatures underneath.

They touch my forehead and roll down my face cooling my heated body.

They stream down the waterfall creating a cool breeze.

They fill the spring in the woods so the deer can sip the cool drops.

They sweep the dirt from the fountain leaving a cistern of clean water.


The tears refill the water well so His refreshing touch can be felt another day.

The tears fall on the dirt that causes the mushrooms to spring up in circles.

The tears wash away the leaves and small brush down the hills,

Making a place for animals to hide and bed.

The tears cool and heat the chemicals that make electricity come to life.


They travel back by warmth to the sky,

And collect back into the clouds to be used another day.

They fall upon the ground.

They warm the seeds to sprout and burst forth.

Flowers follow from the blessing.


God’s tears of joy are good, pure, and clean.

They give me hope, relief, and a calming.

His tears are to clean us.

They make us new.

The tears nurture our souls.


And God said, “It is good.”

As He smiled a rainbow that reached across the sky.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I cannot thank you enough for being with me this week.  I am humbled knowing you chose to share your precious time with me.  I pray that God’s tears will wash many blessings your way this week!






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