My Time

My Time

We have a yearning for a purpose.  And we want others to know we are important in accomplishing that purpose.  We want to be heard.  Often I want to yell at the top of my lungs, “This is me!!!  See what I can do!!”.  Deep inside of us, we all know we are meant for something special.  It is necessary to feel that importance in our time.  This is what keeps us striving and moving forward.  We want that accomplishment to happen within our own time.  The difficult part is discovering what that yearning is and if we have accomplished it.  What purpose do you have?  Are you accomplishing that purpose in pieces of time or have you reached that great purpose and are actually holding the entire clock in your hand?  These are questions we must ask ourselves in order to grow personally and to really know what is meant for us.  And you know it is ok to sometimes say, “Look!!!  Look what I can do!!”  or “Look what I did!!!  I have helped the world to be better!”  I hope I hear you yell this week about your purpose in time!  I hope you are brave in voicing your purpose so you can capture your seconds and minutes that make your time shine!

My Time

My song calls out.

It calls out into the universe.

Asking for direction and guidance.

The call is sometimes loud.

And sometimes quiet.


I just want to speak into the abyss.

Where either all can hear or none can hear.

I want the sound to penetrate the emptiness.

I want my message to ride the waves,

Deep into the black holes of the eternity.


When we are young all of this seems so far away,

But as age moves upon us.

What we are…

And where we are going…

Can seem to have disappeared.


The urgency increases because I feel I am running out of time.

Will I do what I was predestined to do?

When and how will I know?

Or have I passed the point,

And will I never hear back?


Is my song calling?

Maybe no one or nothing will hear it or know it but me.

The call goes deep inside and rest inside my crevices.

It rattles my brain.

It reaches my soul.


Am I happy to die?

Do I feel completed?

Can I go with peace?

I am not sure I can answer these,

Especially if I am not heard in my time.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you so very much for sharing your time with me this week.  I am so blessed that my life includes you and your families.  May God bless your precious time now in this precious place!  Make your purpose known!  Grab those clocks, and shout from the mountain tops!








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